We are very excited to announce a new bed design coming in February.  Similar to the Nomad and Charleston, there will be 2 versions, one without a headboard and one with a headboard.  "Then what's the difference in these beds and the Nomad and Charleston?" you ask.  Really good question, and here are the answers:

-  The names of course - The Ashville (without a headboard) and The Roanoke (with a headboard).

-  The platform height will be 11" - a lower design for a more urban appeal.

-  The slat spacing will be 2.8" - enough for most memory foam and latex mattresses.

-  There will be 1 center rail that is supported by 2 center legs.

-  The slats themselves will be 1/2 inch thick rather than 1 inch thick - because this design has center legs, the slat thickness is not an issue.  The new design will easily meet the 600 pound weight limit carried by our other platform beds.

-  The Roanoke headboard features 3 horizontal slats as pictured below.

- The price.  We haven't dialed that in yet, but we hope to price this under the current Nomad 2 and Charleston 2 respectively. 

If you have any questions or have any comments, please feel free to shoot us an email!!