People often ask us what's the difference in the Nomad 2 and the Nomad Plus?   It's a great question and is rather confusing.

The only difference is the number of slats that come with each bed.  For years, we made the "2" version which has a slat spacing of 4.5 inches.  This worked great until memory foam and latex mattresses came along and became more and more popular.  Often, the warranty with these mattresses required a slat spacing of 3 inches or less.  We didn't want to add slats (and therefore cost) to all of our Nomads, so we decided to make it an option.  This option is now the "Plus" version which has a slat spacing of 2.8 inches.

So, if you need a slat spacing of under 3 inches choose the "Plus" - if not, save a few bucks and get the "2" version.

Have a great day!

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