• IS IT REALLY FREE TO SHIP ANY ITEM?  Yes.  We ship via UPS to the 48 continental states.  UPS picks up from our warehouse in Athens, Georgia Monday thru Friday.  We will ship within 24 hours from when your order is placed - except weekends.  An order placed Friday, Saturday or Sunday ships on Monday. Shipping time varies by location - 2 to 3 days to the east coast and 4 to 5 days to the west coast.
  • WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE "2" AND THE "PLUS"? We make the Nomad 2, Nomad Plus, Charleston 2, and Charleston Plus.  The "2" version has a slat spacing of 4.5" - which worked great for years - until we started seeing more customers with memory foam and latex mattresses that required a closer slat spacing.  This new demand led us to create the "Plus" version for the Nomad and Charleston platform beds - this version is EXACTLY the same bed except has more slats, creating a slat spacing of 2.8".  So, if your mattress needs a slat spacing of under 3", pick the "Plus" version.
  • DOES THE HARDWARE COME WITH THE FRAME? Yes!  Hardware packs are available to purchase separately, but that is only if you have misplaced your hardware during a move. 
  • DO I NEED TOOLS TO ASSEMBLE MY FRAME? You will need a screwdriver or drill.  A hex wrench is provided to install the bolts.  Assembly time can take up to an hour for larger frames.  PDFs of instructions are included with the hardware kit, and you can also find links to them in the description on our website.
  • WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY? KD Frames will only accept unopened returns with the shipping straps still in place.  Cost and arrangement for returns falls on the buyer.  KD Frames does not accept returns on opened boxes.
  • IS THERE A WARRANTY FOR YOUR PRODUCTS?  Yes.  Our warranty information can be found under the About Us tab on this website.  It also is available with the instructions in your hardware pack.